Panchkarma For Stress Manatgements

Do you suffer from stress? Do you want to quit alcohol, tobacco, electromagnetic habit (like smart phone, social media, facebook and many more) etc? You should go for Panchakarma! Panchakarma rejuvenates your body by flushing out the harmful toxins. Panchakarma restores the function of 5 sensory organs. It has a wide range of benefits.

You may live a fast paced life. You need to be active 24/7. But some health conditions might interfere with your day’s activities. The health condition that most people suffer today is stress. Stress is the main reason for many other illnesses like hair loss, depression etc. You can however reduce stress with the help of panchakarma.

In this era human mind is full of stress, As per latest observation, ‘The 20th century was the century of INFACTION, BUT The 21st century is the century of psycho-somatic disorders’. An ayurvedic panchkarma therapy is excellent in All kind of psycho-somatic condition’ Stress & All psychiatry disease. The ||NAKSHATRA AYURVEDAM|| is famous for mesmrising counseling of dr.dattatray pandya & charismatic panchkarma therapy for stress & psychiatry diseases.

Commonly advisable panchkarma for stress & All psychiatry diseases.
  Shiro –basti
 Sarvang abhyang {full body massage}
 Sarvang swedan {full body steam bath}
 Ayurvedic music & sound therapy
 Passive meditation.