• Why should I go for Ayurveda, instead of other system of medicine?
  • Can ayurvedic treatment cure the disease permenantly by root-cause ?
  • For permenent cure, I have to continue the ayurveda treatment, for how much time ?
  • Is there any steroids in ayurvedic medicine?
  • An ayurvedic medicine has any side effects?
  • Any precaution during ayurveda treatment for pregnant women & new born babies?
  • Is there any heavy metal content in ayurvedic medicine?, does it create any toxicity in our body?
  • As per ayurveda what is the CONSTITUTION ? & how it helps in diagnosis & treatment?
  • How does yoga work with ayurveda?
  • To take the panchkarma treatment I have to admit in the ayurveda hospital?
  • Why should I choose the ||NAKSHATRA AYURVEDAM || hospital for ayurveda & panchkarma treatment?
  • Is there any authentic ayurveda webpage or facebook page or blog or youtube channel?
  • How to book my appointment to consult the doctor at the ||NAKSHATRA AYURVEDAM || hospital ?
In other system of medicines they treat the disease only ,but in Ayurvedic system of medicine being a holistic approach to mankind, it not only treats the disease but treats the patients mentally as well as physically. It is a natural therapy hence it has no side effect or any complications, whereas other system of medicine has lots of side effects and several complications.
Yes, As per ayurveda there are 3 types of diseases according to curetive aspects.
The first & second kind of diseases can cure permenantly with surety if patient follows all the instruction about medicine, diet, panchkarma & all.
Actually, the timing of ayurveda treatment is depending on multiple factors like intensity & frequency of disease.
Disease is acute or chronic.
Disease is hereditary or not.
Age group & gender of patient & many more.
But in general to cure the usual curable disease you have to give 3 to 6 months & for chronic diseases you have to give 9 to 18 months in ayurveda treatment.
But most of the diseases are curable or manageble as per ayurveda treatment. Even in medically challanged diseases are also managed by ayurveda successfully.
No, Any ayurveda medicine does not content any steroids in it. But, some non-qulified froud ayurveda doctor(??) use some allopathy steroids on the name of ayurveda. So if you want to avoid this kind of froud you must take an ayurveda treatment under qulified ayurveda doctors or hospitals like NAKSHATRA AYURVEDAM.
No, Any ayurvedic medicine does not have any major side effects like renal or liver toxicity or organ failure & all that. But if you are doing self medication then that false treatment or false self diagnosis can create many temporary health realeted issues. So be careful & follow the quilified ayurveda doctors for any ayurvedic treatment.
"a potent poison becomes the best medicine on proper administration & quantity. On the contrary, even the best medicine becomes a potent poison if used badly"
Yes, There are multiple ayurvedic medicines & many panchkarma therapies which can not apply on pregnant woman & new born baby. So any pregnant woman & new born baby want to take any ayurvedic medicine they must take it under the strict supervision of qulified ayurveda doctor or authentic ayurveda hospital like ||NAKSHATRA AYURVEDAM||.
No, Any ayurvedic medicine never content heavy metal directly. In ayurvedic medicine we always use the ASH OF ANY METAL (if required) after multiple types of detoxification & cleansing procedures as per classical ayurvedic textbook. & after that cleansing as per traditional methodology, each & every medicine batch is checked as per modern criteria of quality control technic, under G.M.P rules of Indian government. So there is no worry about any rumor or myth of the ghost theory of heavy metals. But non-certified & self made ayurvedic medicine may not detoxify properly & it creates many harmful results in health. So always use the certified & authentic ayurvedic medicine under the strict supervision of learned ayurveda doctor like VD DATTATRAY PANDYA. & be tention free about the rumor.
The CONSTITUTION is one of the most unique concepts of ayurveda. As per ayurveda our body is maid by three DOSHAS 1) VAYU, 2) PITTA, & 3) KAPHA. That DOSHAS are based on five basic eliments. & as per ayurveda that DOSHAS are responsible for many psychological & physical functions. So if any human being has large quntity of any one dosha like VAYU. Then many actions of body & mind will work as per VAYU DOSHA (for more details please see TRIDOSHA) Thus, quantity of any dosha defines the constitution of the person. & as per DOSHA CONSTITUTION ayurveda doctors diagnoses many things from psychology to diseases. To know your DOSHA CONSTITUTION please contact us.
As we all know, ayurveda is not only the science of treatment but it's a science of life. Ayurveda teaches us meaning of healthy life. As per ayurveda Health is all about the harmony between BODY, MIND & SOUL. Ayurveda never treat the diseases its treat the patient. So as per ayurvedic point of view, before any kind of treatment the body harmony must be perfect & that perfaction can balance with the yoga. Because yoga is not only physical postures or breathing exercises it's also plays the big role in that harmony with meditation & yogaasna.
No,It' s not necessary everytime; most of the panchkarma therapy can perform without admission if patient is living in the same city & following all the advice perfactly. But every panchkarma therapy needs 10 to 30 days to perform properly so if patient are coming from outside the city it's compelsory to admit to do the panchkarma effectively.
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Yes, The ||NAKSHATRA AYURVEDAM || hospital is working on public awerness about authentic ayurveda & panchkarma. There are many fake news, rumors & myths about ayurveda, panchkarma & almost all alternative medicines. There are so many illiterate & fake doctors whose malpractice makes the great ayurveda science very doubtful & buffoonery So the owner of the ||NAKSHATRA AYURVEDAM || hospital DR.DATTATRAY PANDYA started the mission against that myth of ayurveda.
As a part of that mission dr dattatray pandya & dr shefali pandya started the website with full authentic details about ayurveda, panchkarma, yoga, medical astrology, & almost all alternative medicines.
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