What is Medical Astrology

What is the purpose of astrology and how can it help you? The answer is very simple. Astrology can identify reasons behind an individual's health issues by identifying the methods or therapy treatments that can cure their problems permanently. Medical astrology is being widely being used in today's world. This article will bring to your knowledge different uses of astrology.

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Respected Guruji Hitendra Pandya is a traditional astrologer, He is a father of DR DATTATRAY PANDYA .

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Horoscope and Health

Health condition can be identified with the help of medical astrology. Harmonious balance in between spirit, health of body and mind is very essential for a healthy living. Your horoscope is nothing but a blueprint of you overall body, reflecting the interaction of an individual's body, spirit and mind.

Astrology and Medicine - Its History

Since ages astrology is being used for the purpose of providing medical support. The VEDAS are most ancient literature on earth. There are four vedas

In rug Veda there are many things which described which combine the AYURVEDA (THE ANCIENT MEDICAL SCIENCE) & JYOTISH (THE ANCIENT INDIAN ASTROLOGY). ATHARV VEDA is full of multiple references to combine the ayurveda & astrology. The other ancient books after that VEDAS time are separately & specially on AYURVEDA & ASTROLGY has unlimited references about each other. Like,
1) charak samhita
2) sushrut samhita
3) ashtang hriday
4) brihat samhita
5) jyotish kalptaru.
& many more…

As per JYOTISH SHASHTRA (THE ANCIENT INDIAN ASTROLGY ) you can diagnose the upcoming diseases & predict the death time & even you can say the disease is curable or not .& you can say in advance about the pragnancy & the male or female baby birth. In the treatment of Many kin of diseases you can chose the particular day or RASHI or NAKHATRA.

It was initially used by people who formed the foundation and motivated the AYURVEDIC medicine. Father of modern medicine is Hippocrates (460-377 BC). who is known for his work and contribution towards modern medicine. He was also inspired with all that references. EVEN today the ||NAKSHATRA AYURVEDAM|| is also doing the multiple things on it

Medical Astrology should carefully be used

Astrology solely cannot be used to identify cure to the health problems. Having a medical license is equally important. Medical astrologers cannot give the right suggestions if they do not possess a medical license. Medical astrology without a medical license can misguide you and cause further health problems.

Contribution of Medical Astrology to an Effective Treatment

Neptune is the planet that is usually looked by most of the astrologers to identify the health problem. It indicates the heightened sensitivity psychologically or mentally, emotionally and physically. Placement of Neptune planet can help identify the organ which is oversensitive to outside influence. For instance, if the Neptune is positioned on the eastern horizon at the time of birth, it proposes a delicately calibrated body with very sensitive connection between mind and body. Such an individual is highly affected by viruses and infections resulting in various and allergies. Thus, medical astrologers recommend treatments depending on the placement of the Neptune planet.

Recovery Duration

As mentioned earlier, medical astrology make use of planet placements to suggest treatments. Placement of Pluto and Mars indicates the duration of the patient's recovery.

Healing Treatments

Medical astrologers also play an important role in identifying the most helpful healing treatment. According the various astrologers, Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo respond effectively to nutritional therapies and strong Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio will react effectively to psychic healing treatment psychotherapy treatment and art therapy or psychic healing treatment.


Historically, if we look at the use of medical astrology, it is widely and successfully being used all over the world. Medical astrology not only helps identify physical health problems but also helps identify psychological problems. Medical astrologers having a medical degree can guide you appropriately and recommend you an appropriate solution for your health problem. However, before consulting an astrologer, be sure that he possess a medical degree otherwise wrong advice can cause complications.