Vaidya Dattatray Pandya

Vaidya Dattatray Pandya is an....

  • Ayurveda Consultant,
  • Panchkarma Physician,
  • Nadi Specialist,
  • Medical Astrologer,
  • Yoga Guru.
He has completed his B.A.M.S (Bachelor of ayurvedic medicine & surgery) From the best Ayurveda College "Akhandanand ayurvedic mahavidhyalaya" (Ahmedabad -Gujarat) Under GUJARAT AYURVED UNIVERSITY.

He has done his M.D (A.M) from “INDIAN BOARD OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE” , KOLKATTA. He has completed his C.Y.S degree in yoga sciences. He is traditional astrologer & He had also achieved the very special astrological honour “JYOTISH BHUSHAN” from ( bruhad gujarat sanskrit parishad).

Co-Owner of Nakshatra Ayurvedam

Vaidya Shefali Pandya

Co-Founder, Co-Owner

Vaidya Shefali Pandya is an ayurveda consultant, Panchkarma physicion, Nadi specialist, Ayurvedic cosmetologist, Skin specialist.

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Wellknown As..

Ayurveda Consultant

Panchkarma Physician

Nadi Specialist

Medical Astrologer and Yoga Guru

More About Vaidya Dattatray Pandya

He is the founder, owner & visinory of the || NAKSHATRA AYURVEDA ||(TM) . (The multi & super speciality ayurveda & panchkarma hospital). He started his work as a chief ayurveda physicion from very small town godhra (GUJARAT) since 2008. He is the pioneer as a pure ayurveda & panchkarma practitioner in small towns, villages, tribal areas of Gujarat. His vision is to make the world more & more happier & healthier with the help of ayurveda. He tries to reach to the smallest human in rural area as a service of mankind. As a reward of that divine service the lord dhanvantari (the god of ayurveda) blessed him. & he became a very famous ayurveda doctor not only in gujarat state or in india, but in all over the world.

He has started 3 main branches of the || NAKSHATRA AYURVEDA ||(TM) ( The multi & super speciality ayurveda & panchkarma hospital). In gujarat.

      1.  Godhra
      2.  Vadodara
      3.  Ahmedabad

Due to his dedication in ayurveda he meets in all three branches every month on different timings.

 He is working since last 10 years.
 He is THE VAIDY who is consulting more than 100 patient in a one day O.P.D..
 He has more than 50,000 satisfied patient. It’s a very big achievement.
 Vaidya Dattatray pandya diagnose the disease with help of "NADI PARIKSHA" (pulse diagnosis)
 He is the pioneer of unique method of diagnosis & treatment in ayurveda world with the help of NADI & MEDICAL ASTROLOGY (jyotish shashra).
 With that unique methodology he gives wonderfull result in CANCER & A.I.D.S.
 He treats more than 500 patients of cancer & A.I.D.S with the satisfactory results.
 He is also the pioneer of GARBH-SANSKAAR treatment in PANCHMAHALS district for unique ayurveda concept of DESIGNER BABY.
 He has also developed the special combination treatment of ayurveda & panchkarma in all kind of EYE DESEASES (specially for weak eyesight & eye glasses)
 He is the master in the management of muscular dystrophy,Renal & liver failure,multiple myloma, liver cirrocis, psoriasis, allergic asthma, Ankylosing spondylosis, S.L.E, paralysis, diabetes , heart deseases & many more incurative & auto immuno disorder with the help of ayurveda,panchkarma & alternative medicine.

Vaidy Dattatray Pandya is very good motivational speaker, writer, yoga master & inspirational neo guru.

He often arranges workshop for Students, Parents, Couples & General public For Personality devlopment, Power yoga, Parenting workshop, Mind power development, Time management, Stress management, Health awerness & many more. He conduct the CME (continueous medical education) seminar For medical student & doctors.

Vaidya Dattatray pandya is best combination of ancient Ayurvedic knowledge, work experience, skill, Patient friendly nature & divine inspiratinal personality. His efforts for healthy society & his love & dedication for ayurveda are endless. He believes in the traditional heritage of Ayurveda and Vedic philosophy in healing and providing solutions to health problems..

Contact him to cure your health concerns only with Ayurveda.